Others species kept

Besides the killifish and Tanganyika cichlids, other species are maintained. We present them here.

180L asian tank

180L asian tank

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The aquarium is an Aquatlantis, a gross capacity of 180 liters (150 liters net), which measures L100*l41*H50.
The used ground is manado and aquabasis plus JBL. The tank has two roots and is densely planted with: cryptocorynes and sagittaria subulata in the foreground, vallisnerias forest on the right, larger cryptocorynes on the left and ... Anubias and Java moss adorn the roots. On the surface, the riccia provides shade and gives the possibility to fishes to prepare bubble nest.


The gallery is the original one: 2 locations for 18W T8 tubes.
However, this combination is still insufficient for the plantation of the tank.


This tank is recreating a habitat of Asian calm waters, filtration is light. The water-flow in the tank is discrete or non-existent. The pump is a Tetra EX 700.


The aquarium contains those following species :

  • Trichopsis pumila (F0)
  • Trigonostigma heteromorpha
  • Yunnanilus cruciatus (F0)
  • Caridina multidentata (ex Caridina japonica)
  • Neocaridina davidi var red (Red cherry)

African fluvial cichlids

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Two aquariums of about sixty liters each are installed for Pelvicachroims. Aquariums are of standard sizes: 60L*30L*30H. They are densely planted with easy plants like :java moss, java fern and Anubia. Note the presence of roots of a mangrove tree which takes a large pkace of the aquarium, and the absence of vegetation on the ground. The Pelvicachromis swimming mainly in the lower streams, they needed this free space.

Each aquarium has its shelters (coconut, flower pot, cavities inside the root, etc..) offering so quite a lot of potential laying sites.
The lighting is standard: 1 tube T8 15W per tank.
Filtration (internal) is also standard.

The tanks are not heated, and thus at room temperature (between 20C in winter to 26 even 28C in summer). Pelvicachromis bear these differences without too much trouble, preferring temperatures between 24 and 26C.


This is the list of species kept :

  • Poecilia reticulata 2011 "Makepe Missoke"
  • Poecilia wingei 2008 "Laguna Campoma"