700L tanganyika tank

700L tanganyika tank


The aquarium is a Rena Aqualife, a gross capacity of 700 liters (600 liters net), which measures 200L/50l/70H.
The used ground is some white, classic sand. The stones are bars of schists (6 on the whole, 50/60kg each), got back from a stone-cutter, and broken in the desired dimensions. Stones are distributed along the tank, and superimposed in order to distribute at best the weight and offer galleries to fishes.
Plants are also present and give a little more aestheticism to the aquarium (matter of taste!): Crinum, Cryptocoryne and Anubias.


The gallery is the original one: 4 locations for 56W T8 tubes.
The combination of the tubes is not optimal at the moment. These will be changed accordingly in the next few months.

Filtration and brewing

With such a volume, the flow of filtration and of mixing must be important. Furthermore, some fishes are great swimmers and love the current.
The filtration consists of two external filters: Eheim Pro 3 2080 of 1700L/H. For a little more important mixing , I added one pump of 2500L/H.

54L specific tank

54L tanganyika tank


Aquarium of swelling

Grown up tank