Congo - February/March 2019

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D8 - A very ... "escherichi...tting" day!

03/04/2019 - Journey : Bivéla <-> Reliefs of the Mayombe

So... "escherichiant" is back! I explain to you...
Early morning departure (almost on time) to cross the Mayombe. We spot ALL the rivers on the way to fish back. The program therefore: a dozen spots to do, with an altitude ranging from 200 to 400m. So rather interesting.

At first, uninvitingly primitive, we find an Epiplatys. This big male does not remind us of anything. This is probably a new species (ansorgi group?). So we fish more intensely, and after a few minutes, we have several specimens, as well as ... a male Aphyo escherichi. We must now find at least one female. We go for more than an hour the initial secondary stream, then the main stream, in the middle of the forest where it is difficult to advance.
At the moment of leaving, a last shot of net and ... a new Plataplochilus (and pretty!). This day therefore starts rather well.

Yes but ... the points follow each other and are not really interesting. The Epiplatys are present almost every time, and that's it. No other killis except on the last point where there will only be: escherichi!

Back to camp at dusk. A small flight of the drone over the camp leaves no one indifferent, and the view is nice!
The meal is preparing. I resume the story after the long photo shoot that awaits us. Right away !

10:40 pm, there is better! Hoping that the few fish still take 4 days. It's not win...
Tomorrow, departure for Cotivindou. Kuster knows that a bridge is broken, but not exactly where. It will be missing an escherichi to have a good day! ;)





Nannocharax sp.

Neolebias ansorgii