Congo - February/March 2019

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D10 - A long day

03/06/2019 - Journey : Bivéla --> Pointe Noire

Goodbye Bivéla.
So we leave our cook chef Benoit and this dear Biskouri early in the morning. It has rained a good part of the night, and we fear a little the state of the track in the Mayombe. But we pass the reliefs unhindered, and we even take the opportunity to fish several times. And among the lucky ones, two males Aphyo australe (without female :(), Epiplatys curious singa (of very small size), and especially young Pelvicachromis subocellatus.Laurent has also found a male adult of all beauty. I hope they'll be alive when I get back!

After a long day in the sweltering heat, we arrive at the hotel just before dark. A small Italian restaurant and a swim in the pool later, it's time to pack the fish.
And yes ... the trip is coming to an end, and we are flying to Brazzaville tomorrow night.
We end painfully the operation around 1:30 in the morning. Come what may ... the journey of the return begins for our protégés!

Road to Mayombe

Kids at Bivela

Merops (oreobates ?)