Congo - February/March 2019

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D11 - Australe, where are you ?

03/07/2019 - Journey : Pointe Noire --> Brazzaville

Another busy day... who would have thought?!
At sunrise, Christian calls me to come take some photos of the birds on the beach. The light is good, with many birds, it's a treat!
Mr. Barros, boss of the bosses of Pointe Noire, and incidentally our contact thanks to whom this trip was made, invites us to have breakfast with him (to give him a return on the experience and pay). The rent money goes directly to buy drugs for Bivéla and the surrounding area, and we are delighted. He even offers to keep Kuster and the car for the morning, guess why?
Well yes, we are a bit frustrated that we can not bring back a population of Southern Aphyo! So we went a few hours south towards Cabinda. Unfortunately for us, we only find Epiplatys singa.
Around 14h, back at the hotel, we close the suitcases, after a last swim and a small glass on the terrace.
Kuster takes us to the airport, where we say once again congratulations and thank you, then goodbye.
With more than 1h30 late, here we are in Brazzaville. The fish are fine. We too, and we will sleep a little with the long journey back tomorrow!

Upupa africana

Vidua macroura

Atlantic ocean

Militaries near Cabinda



Pointe Noire by night