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D12 - Bye Congo !

03/08/2019 - Journey : Brazzaville --> Paris

That's it, last day. This trip will be fast, very fast ... too fast?
First awakening late... and I admit that it's good. It is 8:30. In the program of the day: prepare suitcases, go to the Congo River, then ... take the plane back.
We are taking our time this morning to pack the bags. Laurent has some shopping to do. The fish are already almost all packed, we do not have much left to do. A good layout, a good distribution of fish, and everything will be ok.

Around noon, we take the direction of the Congo River, with Allan, and Elio (the fourth son of Laurent). What's better than a small fishing trip ?
Everyone likes to get out of the water several species of cichlids (including Hemichromis elongatus, by chance!), Until a waterfront comes to break our feet and claim money to fish here... the tone goes up with Christian. The guy is not very smart... I calm the game by chatting quietly, then we leave. Anyway, it was time to go!

Here we are back at Laurent's place. We spend the time discussing (of fishes obviously) then comes the time of departure. It is 19h, towards the airport. There are a few people for boarding, but everything is done quietly. We have a last drink with Laurent and the lovely Elio who wanted to accompany us to say goodbye.
With a temperature of 37 after dark, it could not be otherwise: a good storm broke out and the lightning illuminated the sky like a fireworks as a goodbye.

You will not believe it, but ... I listened very carefully every micro announcement at the airport ... and never my name was pronounced! And yes, miracle, so this is the first trip where I will not go through the "Customs"! At least ... at the start!
We embark and take off on time (22:30). This time, the Congolese adventure 2019 is well over. Good flight and see you tomorrow!


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