Congo - February/March 2019

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D13 - Good morning France !

03/09/2019 - Journey : Paris --> Bordeaux

The arrival in Paris is in the urgency. I have little time to change the terminal and take my correspondence. The hostess was also nice, and placed me in front of the plane so I can go out in the first. I leave Christian here and head for Bordeaux.
The heat shock is felt... and the only pull in my possession is not too much! I would even say that it is not enough...

Here I am arrived in Bordeaux, it is 10h. An hour later, I'm at home and I hasten to check the fish: no dead! A long day of acclimatization is coming.

COCCA 2019, it's over. Another adventure that I will not forget and a new country discovered. The welcome of Laurent and his family was once again perfect, and I thank them greatly!
The head is now turned to new horizons! See you soon, I hope !

The end !