SEK 2018 Convention in Ortuella (Bilbao)

From avril 20 to avril 22 2018

As usual, here we go again for a new killifishes convention in Spain.
Friday night, Yoann joins us at the apartment. After a late visit of Charly, we spend a short night : departure planned at dawn, to arrive at the congress before the recordings closing for the contest.

After 3h30 driving, we are on site at 10am. Just the time to inscribe fishes and discuss a little with friends, I find myself judging two groups, including one of the most provided : the Aphyosemion group. In view of the quality of these two groups, it will take me nearly 1:30 to make a verdict, helped by Yoann. The first prize of the group will also be elected best fish of the exhibition (Aphyosemion mikeae "RPC 78/19").

Having neither the desire this year, nor the time, I would not take pictures of the exposed fishes. At the end of the judgment, we go to visit a little around, including the heights of Sonabia.

To get there, we go through Castro Urdiales. Well, this place is not unknown to us, since we had stopped there last year, but in the rain. This time, the sun is here, and we can enjoy it!

After a quick meal ("pinchos" ... amazing no ?!) and 10min drive later, it's time to get down to business. A small walk initially planned for 4 hours must bring us to an unusual natural site called "El ojo del Diablo" (The eye of the Devil).

After a little bit less than 2 hours of walking, here we are, with this sublime view on the tip of Sonabia.

But, where is Yoann ?

Wanting to walk light for once, I did not take my camera equipment. And of course, it is in these moments that it was necessary. We are surrounded by fifteen vultures flying a few dozen meters from us. Pity !

The return will be quickly (3h in total, for 600m of elevation gain), certainly encouraged by the idea of a "drink break" on a terrace in Sonabia...

It is 8:30pm. The meal time is approaching, and we go to the place... The meal will start only around 10pm.
But the wait will be doubly rewarded ! First of all because the meal is hearty and good. The dishes are linked, alternating fish and meat. Then there is the award ceremony of the contest. Nice surprise ! My disappointment at not having been rewarded on the photo contest will soon be forgotten by the two prizes I was lucky to have: the first prize of the Fundulopanchax group and the best fish of the congress presented by a foreign breeder.
Didier will also receive an award (best breeding group Aphyosemion).

After a short night, here we are back on the premises of the congress for the traditional auction. This one will be a little agitated, but always in the good mood :)
Yoann will manage to leave with a nice breeding pair of Fundulopanchax filamentosus with the bonus of his little comment : "I went to Benin to look for them, without finding, and it is in Spain that I recover ...". For my part, I come back to France with few species : Diapteron fulgens and abacinum.

We had a great weekend again, and we are looking forward to seeing a new part of Spain next year : Andalusia!