Congo - February/March 2019

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D2 - Bitumen in the middle of deforested hills

02/26/2019 - Journey : Brazzaville --> Mindouli

We can not escape the usual formalities before leaving in the bush: the races!
At 12 o'clock, we (Laurent and his son Allan, Christian and I) leave from Brazzaville towards Mindouli, passing by the new road north. So we move to recently pacified areas (end of 2018!), Where the army is present everywhere. As soon as we stop at the edge of a bridge, a soldier comes to get information, coming out of nowhere.

Unfortunately for us, this area does not abound with killis. The old ergs, deforested, do not allow the presence of many permanent streams. After 2 or 3 unsuccessful attempts, we fish our first killi of the expedition: Aphyosemion schiotzi. And not without difficulties.

We finally rally Mindouli. The search for accommodation took a little longer than expected, due to a local holiday. And it was without counting on a storm (which lasted 2 good hours) that we will contemplate while eating, while listening to the philosophical expressions of Allan ... And that of the evening, in word of end, will be: "When he there is rain, you have to put on rubber boots. "

Go to school !

Brazza to Mindouli

Brazza to Mindouli