Congo - February/March 2019

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Totof in Congo

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D1 - The departure and already a little fright

02/25/2019 - Journey : Bordeaux -> Paris -> Brazzaville

Let's go again for a new adventure, and it will be the Congo this time!
A long day already rich in emotion ending. Let's recap that ...

Step 1: The trip to Paris. It was necessary to get up early, very early. After an awakening at 3:30, we are (Nastasia and me) at the airport at 5:00. The check-in of the luggage was desired, and I almost had to empty some of the suitcases, because of ... the amount of batteries that Laurent asked us. All camera equipment and drone pass without worry in hand luggage.

Step 2: The trip to Brazzaville. Christian joins me in the departure lounge and we kill the 4 hours of waiting as we can. The 8 hours of flight go well, flying over magnificent equatorial storms.

Step 3: The arrival to Brazzaville. It is 31C night, very wet weather, but without rain. When getting off the plane, I receive an SMS from Air France. First cold sweat of the stay: one of my two suitcases did not follow !!! I do a little bit of every conceivable scenario in my head, the time to pass the police checks, sanitary and finally to recover the luggage.
My suitcase arrives quickly, then follow the 2 of Christian. We hesitate a few moments to wait a little, in case my suitcase will appear as if by magic. And, about to leave, I see my second suitcase out on the carpet! Miracle! Everything happens in Africa ...
In the evening, I noticed that the code to open it had changed. Did someone try to hijack the suitcase, without success, and finally put it back in the circuit ?! Very likely...
Anyway, Laurent is waiting for us with one of his sons (Elio), and takes us to his place. The exit from the airport goes without worries.

Step 4: The evening at Laurent and Adisa house... and their children. We arrive at the residence "Le Chaillu", a French Embassy residence, ​​where Laurent lives since September. One of his colleague is hosting us the time we spent in Brazzaville. We eat "as a family" with 3 of 5 son Laurent, where we take the opportunity to remake the aquarist world... and decide incidentally the course to do during our stay.
We reach Morpheus around 1am for a short night!

Sunrise near Bordeaux

Paris CDG

During the flight

The apartment

The apartment

The apartment