Congo - February/March 2019

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03/01/2019 - Journey : Brazzaville --> Brazzaville --> Pointe Noire

If I tell you the story of a return to step one, you will tell me that you already know it ? And yet ...

It all starts this Friday, on a beautiful sunny day (ok, I'm doing a little too much ...).

The alarm clock at 5:20 is a little bit hard. But we have to leave early to reach Dolisie before dark, while fishing on the road. We leave around 8:30 ... time to load everything and say goodbye to the Chirio family. With a new clutch of the day before, we are serene.

Yes but... it was without committing on the incompetence of the mechanic ! After 20Km, the clutch box is already starting to drop! We must face the facts, we can not go further. We go back to Brazza and think about possible solutions.

After an off-budget quote made by Europcar, Laurent plays with his relations and hits high, very high!

Around noon, it's decided, we leave at 16h towards Pointe Noire, by plane. There we are waiting for a car with a driver, with unlimited access to the Mayombe forest camp and free accommodation.
Once out of the airport, the contact of Laurent calls us, and invites us to eat in one of the most chic restaurants in the city ... great luxury! We find ourselves in front of refined dishes to eat with the person, his wife and their daughter (who also lives in Bordeaux!)

We obviously do not belong to the same world, but we thank them greatly for their help!
The day ends in a hotel on the beach, with swimming pool (at good temperature;)). A last comfort before the beginning of the real adventure tomorrow ... finally I hope !
Good night faithful readers! Yeah I know, it's a little megalomaniac, but at least I feel that there are people following us ... which will be sorely missed these next 5 days according to the discussions tonight...